Financing your Buy to Let

What about buy to let

Buy to Let

As buy to let mortgages tend to be more expensive than normal domestic mortgages, it is even more important to get the right deal, the cheapest rates and the most flexible product. As UK National  mortgage brokers, they have access to the whole mortgage market and as a consequence they can get the best mortgage deals.

Buy to Let mortgage rates are generally not quite as competitive as other mortgages, costing you a little extra in interest each year. For this reason alone, it pays to seek advice from a qualified mortgage advisor. Lenders see mortgages as more risky than other types because you must rely on tenants to pay their rent. As specialist mortgage brokers who have access to the whole UK mortgage market they can arrange the best  mortgages.

Now is a good time to be investing in buy to let, interest rates are low and more and more people cannot afford to buy themselves, having to instead rely on the buy to let market for somewhere to live.

Interest Only? No Problem!

With many mortgage lenders in the UK offering buy to let mortgage products, it’s extremely important for property investors to shop around. As  mortgage advisors we have access to the whole market and will ensure you’re not missing out on the best buy to let mortgage deals.

Buy to Let Portfolio, Partnerships, Limited Company, Property Developer, Property Development projects are all possible. The booming market has been encouraged by a growing number of lenders offering specially tailored and ever more competitive buy 2 let mortgage deals. New to Buy to Let Mortgages? We believe in looking after the acorn.

As well as providing Mortgages and Commercial mortgages, our referred brokers also specialise in providing development finance for both residential and commercial property developments. They deal with clients across the spectrum from multi million pound commercial developments to smaller residential developments costing tens of thousands of pounds. Whatever your needs, they will try to help.

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