Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans

Fast bridging finance. Are you a home mover caught in the gap between selling one home and buying another? It can be a tricky situation but we can introduce you to brokers to arrange a bridging loan as a cost-effective way to tide you over.

Your options include:

• An Open Bridging loan that helps you to buy a home before completing on your sale

• A Closed Bridging loan that helps if you’ve exchanged contracts on both homes, but there’s a delay in moving

Bridging finance can be arranged for a maximum of 75% LTV if you are a house mover and have a new mortgage need.

Interest rates vary from lender to lender but generally they can start from as low as 0.75% per month depending on your needs and circumstances. So if you are looking to arrange a bridging loan for mortgaging your present and future home or if you are looking for commercial fast bridging loans.

Fast bridging loans are generally secured on a property or other assets of high value – meaning that the value of your asset is used to guarantee your loan. Payments are interest only, so your monthly repayments are lower as you are not paying back any of the bridging loan principal.

As bridging loans are short-term loans, the interest rate will tend to be higher than that of, say, a mortgage, making bridging loans unsuitable for long term financing, but highly useful and profitable for when you need funds fast.

How long does a bridging loan take?
You should expect the entire process to take 5 to 10 days – i.e from your first application to the money being paid over to you. It could be done quicker but it depends on how fast you want to move and if there aren’t any significant hiccups.

• Fast bridging loans requirements.
• Completion possible within 5 days.
• Fast efficient professional service.
• Funds available for any purpose.

Commercial and Residential Property Purchase
Short term bridging loans provide assistance in cases of a temporary cash shortfall or in a crisis, during the purchase of property, land and/or business. This normally occurs when a buying chain is broken or where the purchaser needs to complete before the sale. Bridging loans can be provided for:-

• Renovations
• New Build
• Refurbishment
• Commercial Property Purchase
• Land Purchase
• Speculative Properties
• Conversions

Property Developer and looking for fast bridging loans?

Fast bridging loans can be used effectively for the property speculator to buy that property in an auction, once the property has been improved, sell and repay the bridging loan from the sale proceeds.

• Loans from 30,000 to 3million pounds
• Loans are interest only
• Secured on freehold property
• Interest rates vary from 0.75% to 3% per month
• No fees before completion and/or draw down of the loan

Adverse Credit History Loans
As bridging loans are secured on property, they can be effectively used to raise capital for any purpose, regardless of your credit history. We can assist with a IVA, BANKRUPTS, CCJS, ARREARS, DEFAULTS, MISSED MORTGAGE PAYMENTS.

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